Say What Now? Elementary School Teachers Get High on Accident After Eating Pot Brownies Left in the Teachers' Lounge


Detroit teachers learned the hard way not to eat food that doesn’t belong to them after they were ‘sickened’ by marijuana-laced brownies left in the teacher’s lounge.

via Chicago Tribune:

Oakland County sheriff’s officials said Friday that deputies were called Wednesday to Spring Mills Elementary School in Highland Township on a tainted food complaint. A teacher became ill the day before and later tested positive for marijuana at a hospital.

Police say two other teachers felt sick but didn’t seek medical treatment.

The deputies recovered the remaining brownies. Tests revealed they contained the active ingredient in marijuana.

Huron Valley Schools officials say they are working with law enforcement to determine who brought the brownies to school. District officials say they don’t know whether they were put out intentionally or brought by mistake.

See, this is why you can’t just go around grabbing everyone’s dessert. Keep this in mind when you make your way to the office holiday party this year!

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