Say What Now? Black LGBT Weekend 'Inferno DR' Canceled; Attendees Left Stranded

Inferno DR founder Will Williams (Right)

Inferno DR founder Will Williams (Right)

The 2013 Inferno DR pride event has been canceled.

The event was scheduled to officially kick off on Thursday at the Melia Tropical Caribe resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Guests arrived on Wednesday to find themselves stranded at the airport with no transportation — which was to be included in the packages sold by Inferno DR organizers. Some attendees have taken taxies to the resort only to be told they don’t actually have reservations.

Details on why the event was canceled have been scarce, but Inferno DR’s founder, Will Williams, did post the following message to the event’s official Facebook page.


According to sources, an email received from the Melia Caribe resort says they never received the necessary deposit from Inferno DR to secure the reservations.


However, they do still have rooms available for guests arriving at the resort at this time.


This whole fiasco is looking really messy. Hopefully they’re able to get things worked out. As of right now, no refunds have been issued.

Story developing…


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