Say What Now? Atlanta-Area DJ Arrested for Allegedly Hiring His Childhood Friend to Kill His Wife


Atlanta-area DJ Andre Pugh, aka DJ Awesome, has been arrested in connection with his wife’s murder last month.

Tiffany Pugh, 30, was found shot to death a few days before thanksgiving with a young child ‘straddling’ her chest, according to the incident report filed by East Point police.

Andre, her husband, told police that someone had broken into her home. On December 6th, Andre was formally charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and conspiracy to commit first-degree burglary.


His childhood friend, Adrian Harley, was also arrested on Saturday and cops say it was actually Harley who allegedly pulled the trigger, hired by so-called DJ Awesome to kill his wife, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Even more disturbing? Harley helped carry Tiffany’s casket at her funeral, a friend told CBS46.

A mother of two, Tiffany had reportedly been having marital problems and planned to move out, the friend, who wished to remain anonymous, told the TV station.

“On Facebook, it didn’t seem like a grieving husband,” the friend told CBS46 of Pugh, 34. “If he did it, I really hope he rots in hell.”

Pugh was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

This is the second tragic story this week involving a husband responsible for the murder of his wife. What is going on in the world?

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