Say What Now? A Woman Exits Her Vehicle in a Safari Park and Gets SNATCHED UP by a Tiger [Video] |

Say What Now? A Woman Exits Her Vehicle in a Safari Park and Gets SNATCHED UP by a Tiger [Video]


One woman was eaten alive and another was seriously injured after getting out of their car in the middle of a tiger enclosure at a Chinese safari park.

via Daily Mail:

Dramatic video footage captures the middle-aged woman flouting the warnings by getting out of the car, and she was killed instantly after she followed the younger woman out of the car at the Badaling Wildlife World, near the Great Wall of China.

Both had ignored repeated warnings to stay inside the vehicle, according to local media. 

Sohu reported that the family – one older woman, a younger woman, a child and a man – were in the park, just over an hour north-west of Beijing, on Saturday.

The younger woman and the man are understood to have had an argument, at which point she stormed out of the car, reports Chinese media.

The older woman then followed her out – and was instantly attacked by the Siberian tiger.   

The man is also understood to have tried to rescue his family members, while the child stayed in the car. 

The family was eventually rescued by Badaling’s staff, but there was nothing that could be done for the older woman. 

The younger woman was seriously injured, an official confirmed.

This is not the first time the tigers have attacked someone in the park: two years ago, a male employee was killed by one of the tigers, SXDSD Voc reported.

Entrance to the park costs £5, and visitors can feed the animals – although they aren’t allowed to get close to the attraction’s larger residents.  

Let this be a lesson: If you’re in a tiger enclosure and the signs are telling you to stay in the vehicle, you stay your ass in that vehicle!

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