Say What Now? 9-Year-Old Kid Spends His Parents Entire Life Savings on Candy |

Say What Now? 9-Year-Old Kid Spends His Parents Entire Life Savings on Candy

We all love gummy bears, but this is just out of control!

A nine-year-old from Ukraine is no longer loved by his parents after he blew their entire life’s savings on nose candy for the mouth (regular candy), according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

The boy reportedly knew that the money (about $4,000 in a mix of currencies) was kept under the family’s sofa. Over the course of his fall break from school, he periodically removed portions of the family’s Emergency Candy Fund and had the cash converted to Ukrainian hryvnas, which he used to buy sweets.

He did this with the help of “an adult acquaintance” who, according to news reports, “has been diagnosed with a mental disorder” (if being THE WORLD’S COOLEST GROWN-UP is a mental disorder).

In exchange for the man’s help, the boy gave him a cut of the money; he got to keep the biggest bill the boy got back every time they exchanged a sum. It may sound like the adult was taking advantage of the little boy in this situation, but really, it’s the little boy who was coming out on top; he was trading those pieces of paper—that your parents will not even let you draw on—for candy.

The boy’s father discovered the money was missing when he went to check on the stash after returning home from work one day. After the family erupted into an argument, the son admitted to having taken the money.

Because the boy was unable to eat thousands of dollars worth of candy (3 packages of Ferrero Rocher is a lot for anyone to get down), he shared with his friends.

His parents are very happy that he was mature enough to share with others.

Just kidding. They’re furious and the police told them they can’t help them get their money back.

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