Say What Now? World's Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka -- Valued at $1.3 Million -- Found Empty After a Bar Heist [Video]

Thieves made off with a $1.3 million bottle of vodka after robbing a bar in Denmark.

Police recovered the bottle itself — but it was empty by the time they got to it.

via NYDN:

According to a tweet from Danish police, the Russo Baltique vodka bottle was located by a citizen in a construction site in Charlottenlund, a suburb about six miles from Copenhagen.

Police took it into their custody to further examine it further.

Authorities said the bottle appeared to be fully intact, though the vodka in it had been consumed or spilled out.

Brian Ingberg, owner of Café 33 – the bar from which the gold, silver and diamond encrusted bottle was stolen, told he was thrilled that the bottle was found.

He has vowed to be more careful with it in the future.

“I will be sleeping with it under my pillow,” he joked.

Although the alcohol itself is gone, Ingberg said he was more concerned about getting the bottle back.

“The bottle is the most valuable,” he told the publication.

The Russo Baltique bottle, previously featured on an episode of Netflix’s “House of Cards,” was the only bottle of the 1,200 inside Café 33 that was taken.

The theft was caught on CCTV.

Footage showed a man sporting a white baseball cap under a dark-colored hood with a scarf around his face taking the vodka from the establishment.

A $1.3 million bottle of vodka belongs in a hidden safe — not in a bar.

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