Say What Now? Rapper in Spain Accused of Chopping Off Roommate’s Johnson for YouTube Video |

Say What Now? Rapper in Spain Accused of Chopping Off Roommate’s Johnson for YouTube Video

Fix it Jesus. A Spanish rapper is accused of hacking off his roommate’s penis with a 12-inch kitchen knife as part of a gruesome attempt to get attention on social media.

via: Complex

A Spanish rapper is standing trial for cutting off a British teacher’s penis with a kitchen knife as part of a consensual arrangement to gin up views on a video of the amputation.

The Independent reports that Aaron Beltran is charged by Spanish authorities of wounding after police came upon the grisly scene in March 2019. Beltran was living with an English teacher named Andrew Breach in Zaragosa, Spain and his roommate allegedly proposed the video. Prosecutors claim the pair worked out a deal where Beltran would remove Breach’s penis with a kitchen knife and Breach would pay him depending on the number of hits the video recieved. The payment ranged from around $240 to a max of around $3,000. The Sun shared a description of the incident included in the indictment.

“On the afternoon of March 8, just before 7:15 p.m. when both men were in the victim’s bedroom, Andrew tied his pajama cord round the bottom of his penis to avoid hemorrhaging,” the indictment said. “The accused, who was sat on a chair in front of him, cut his penis with a 12-inch kitchen knife which was never found because the accused got rid of it.”

Police officers who spoke to the Independent said Breach revealed the scheme while he was hospitalized. Doctors were able to sucessfully reattach his penis and reports claim it is functional.

“When interviewing the victim in hospital he told us the accused cut off his penis. Andrew said he did not feel 100 per cent a man and wanted to get rid of his penis,” an unnamed officer said. “He agreed a deal with the accused to pay him €200 which would depend on how many views the video of the amputation received on You Tube. It was done on the basis of hits.”

Breach denies this story, saying he was alone in removing his own penis. He told the court that the whole ordeal was his own doing.

“I cut off my own penis. I was unwell. It was myself,” he said.

Though prosecutors accept that the alleged attack was a consensual arangement, they don’t believe that exempts Beltran from criminal charges. Beltran faces over four years in prison if he is found guilty.

He’s not the first rapper to make headlines over a penis amputation incident, either. Back in 2014, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Christ Bearer chopped off his own penis with a kitchen knife while high on PCP and meth. The rapper later blamed severe depression and drug use for his decision making in later interviews.

Cardi tried to tell y’all. “They do anything for clout (Anything.)”

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