Say What Now? Popeyes Employees Caught on Camera Fighting Customers in Defense of Their Pregnant Manager [Video]

A Texas Popeyes owner is defending his team after several workers were caught on camera in an all-out brawl with four female customers.

According to the franchise owner, Vedo Kemraj, the employees were simply defending their pregnant general manager who was allegedly being kicked in the stomach during the fight.

via NYDN:

“If you see someone is pregnant, you’re not going to hit them,” Kemraj said. “I don’t get that.”

The general manager, whose identity was not released, is seven-and-a-half months pregnant and had to be taken to the hospital after the fight. Kemraj said the manager and the baby are expected to be OK and the manager had already asked about returning to work.

According to the outlet, the drama started when four girls, believed to be students at Texas State University, came through the drive-thru Tuesday night to order four separate meals.

Kemraj said the drive-thru worker asked the girls “very nicely” if they could come inside the restaurant to place their orders because it was too complicated.

“When the customers came inside, they started arguing with my general manager and went to the back of the counter and started fighting,” the owner told KSAT.

Kemraj said the general manger repeatedly told the girls that she was pregnant but they allegedly continued to attack her.

In cell phone video widely shared on social media, several girls are seen punching and knocking each other to the ground. Some of the girls in the footage appear to be wearing Popeyes uniforms.

A spokesperson for the San Marcos Police Department said no arrests have been made and people on the scene did not want to press charges. A spokesperson for Texas State University told KSAT the fight was being investigated and could not confirm if the four customers involved attend the school.

Could you imagine waiting on your $5 box only to turn around and see 5 women box? Watch the video below.

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