Say What Now? Older Couple Arrested for Having Oral Sex on a Busy Train During Rush Hour

A London couple got on the train so they could get off.

via NYDN:

Raymond Burr, 64, and Deborah Tobyn, 57, were respectively given 100 and 150 hours of community service after participating in lewd sex acts on a train from London to the suburb of Pitsea, England, where there were kids aboard, according to the Daily Star.

Passengers who observed the May incident reportedly asked Burr to stop pleasuring Tobyn both orally and digitally, but he declined. Tobyn had recently been widowed, the tabloid reported. Authorities said both participants had been drinking.

A prosecutor told the court there “were children aged between 1 and 6 on the train” and called the aged couple’s behavior “lewd.” The Daily Star said Burr and Tobyn both pleaded guilty, though Tobyn, who initially gave police a fake name, at first planned to fight the charges. The pair was confronted by transit police after exiting the train.

“It’s deeply unpleasant, but I’m well aware of the age and the lack of previous convictions,” said Judge Samantha Leigh in handing down the lenient ruling. “They are both adults and they are capable of making their own decisions.”

Whatever they were drinking — we’ll take two!

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