Say What Now? NYC Sherriffs Shut Down 400-Person Halloween Party in Brooklyn Warehouse [Photos]

New York City authorities busted up a massive underground Halloween party in Brooklyn on Saturday morning.

At the time, about 400 people were in the function dancing and having a good time — all packed together.

via NYDN:

The illegal event was closed down at Meadow St. near Bogart St. in East Williamsburg about 1 a.m., officials said.

Nine event organizers were hit with multiple misdemeanors for violating the city health codes, social distancing rules and the alcohol beverage control law, the Sheriffs office tweeted.

The partiers were told to disperse, and weren’t given summonses, officials said.

The event was held just a day after Mayor de Blasio warned of a “meaningful jump” in the COVID infection rate in the city, warning there may have to be a return to “huge restrictions” if the infection is not brought under control.

On Saturday, Gov. Cuomo said all travelers from outside the New York metro area will have to undergo mandatory coronavirus testing if cases continue to spike across the country.

Gotta hand it to the people — they’ll always find a way to party.

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