Say What Now? Mom Arrested for Killing Her Toddler By Spiking His Sippy Cup with Vicodin

Jennifer Clarey has been charged with criminal homicide after she allegedly spiked the contents of her son’s sippy cup with Vicodin.

The body of 2-year-old Mazikeen Curtis was discovered in his Tullytown, Pa., home on Aug. 25.

via NYDN:

Jennifer Clarey has been charged with one count of criminal homicide in connection to Mazikeen’s overdose, which led to his poisoning death, revealed court documents.

The district attorney offered no motive but did say the boy had never been prescribed Vicodin. Officials indicated an empty prescription bottle was discovered inside a lock box inside the home.

“We did some exhaustive research into Mazikeen’s health history,” said DA Matt Weintraub. “In fact, it’s incredibly rare — if ever — that Vicodin, as we know is an opioid pain killer, would ever be prescribed for a 2-year-old.

Authorities said the boy’s body was discovered after cops responded to a welfare check.

“Me any my other neighbor, we discussed it and said, ‘You know what, this is something we have to do,’” neighbor Dawn Dunlap told Philadelphia TV station WPVI.

She added Clarey was acting odd just hours before Mazikeen’s lifeless body was found.

“It wasn’t something that I had ever seen before, so for me to hear and see what I was seeing was just not her,” said Dunlap.

Authorities disclosed Clarey, 42, was found inside the home with self-inflicted wounds to her wrists.

As of Tuesday, she is being held without bail in Bucks County Prison.

So sad.

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