Say What Now? Mississippi Councilwoman Accused of Firing Shot in Walmart Parking Lot [Video]

Say what now? A councilwoman in Mississippi is facing criminal charges after a vappears to show her firing a handgun at one person and attacking another in a busy Walmart parking.

via: WAPT

Police say a Summit councilwoman was arrested and is accused of firing a gun and attacking a woman in a Walmart parking lot Saturday.

Councilwoman Pauline Monley turned herself in Monday after a viral Facebook video appears to show Monley with a gun, firing a shot toward one person and later assaulting a woman.

McComb police say Monley was charged with domestic violence, simple assault and discharging a firearm.

Summit Mayor Percy Robinson says Monley has done a good job as a councilwoman and it’s not his decision whether she stays on the council.

Not the councilwoman showing out in the Walmart parking lot. What did they do to set sis off?

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