Say What Now? Michigan Woman Found Living Inside Grocery Store Rooftop Sign |

Say What Now? Michigan Woman Found Living Inside Grocery Store Rooftop Sign

A woman was found living in the rooftop sign of a Family Fare grocery store in Michigan and had been there for about a year, police said.

NBC News reports workers discovered the woman while doing maintence on the roof of a Family Fare Supermarket in Midland, Michigan.

The woman had turned the small space, which was at most 15 feet long and five feet wide, into a makeshift apartment, complete with flooring, a computer, a desk, a printer, a Keurig and a pantry of food in the space. She told law enforcement she had been living inside the space for more than a year.

“We made contact with her and she was advised she was not allowed to live there,” said Brennon Warren, a spokesperson for the Midland Police Department. “She was formally trespassed from the store and was provided with information on services within our area, however, she did not wish for any of those.”

The woman, who was not charged for living in the space, left without incident and has not been identified by police. She was advised not to return and was escorted from the property.

“People would see her from time to time and then all of a sudden she would vanish,” Warren told USA Today. “No one really knew where she went but no one ever indicated or thought that she would be up on top of the roof.”

SpartanNash, the parent company of Family Fare, said in a statement that store employees responded “with the utmost compassion and professionalism.”

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