Say What Now? McDonald's Customer Trashes Restaurant From Drive-Thru Window Because He Was Hungry |

Say What Now? McDonald’s Customer Trashes Restaurant From Drive-Thru Window Because He Was Hungry

A man in Maryland tore a McDonald’s all the way up from a drive-thru window all because he wanted some food.

via Complex:

In a video recently shared on TikTok, the man can be seen standing outside his vehicle and yelling at the customers to get him food. As he got louder and McDonald’s employees seemed frightened, the man began grabbing various items, such as cups and ice cubes, and throwing them at the workers. It appeared the man was hungry and didn’t like the service he was being provided.

At one point, the man was so furious he demanded the restaurant be shut down while also knocking over a metal storage rack with several devices used to print receipts. He then demanded that one of the employees give him two bags of French fries, which they did, but that wasn’t enough as he continued screaming at them.

The man eventually closed the drive-thru window and walked off. According to TMZ, Baltimore County Police Department has yet to reveal if they have an open investigation on the incident. 

Just last month, a 59-year-old woman was charged after allegedly threatening to “shoot up” a McDonald’s after ingesting fries with “burnt” ends. Police claimed the woman ordered food at a Milwaukee location on Aug. 30, and she ate the majority of her food before approaching the counter with a complaint. 

She allegedly highlighted the “burnt” nature of her fries, followed by an attempt to retrieve a fresh assortment on her own. When she was informed that she could not do that, the woman allegedly accused an employee of “selling drugs” before proceeding to try and get new fries. Shortly after, she allegedly told employees that she “had a weapon” and was “going to shoot up the restaurant.”

See the video below.

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