Say What Now? Massive Gas Station Brawl Breaks Out Over Hot Dogs [Video] |

Say What Now? Massive Gas Station Brawl Breaks Out Over Hot Dogs [Video]

Gas prices are soaring all over the country, but that’s not what led to this brawl at an Ohio gas station.

This brawl broke out over hot dogs.

Yes, hot dogs.

via NYDN:

Four women were caught on video attacking a man with everything they could get their hands on when he stepped in to stop them from beating up another female customer, according to Cam Dancy, who posted the video on YouTube and spoke to Cleveland’s 19 News.

“I know the video makes it look like he was trying to fight them, but they were actually jumping him,” Dancy said. “They were throwing trash cans and the windshield wiper thing, and one girl ripped the gas pump off and tried to hit him with that.”

According to a service station employee at the Akron station, the dustup started after someone in the shop accused the four women of stealing hot dogs.

When the foursome descended on that woman, the man in the video allegedly intervened, shoving one woman to the ground in the parking lot. Her friends then swarmed him, throwing a squeegee, a gas hose and what appear to be plastic garbage can lids at him.

Dancy said, “They threw the entire gas station at him.”

We thought our eyes were deceiving us, but one woman is actually slinging around an entire gas pump + hose.

Take a look.

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