Say What Now? Man Confesses to Writing Racist and Misogynistic Words on Arby's Sign Because He Was 'Bored'

19-year-old Usindini Christopher Colling-Harper has been charged with criminal defamation, public nuisance and disorderly conduct after admitting to cops that he rearranged the letters on an Arby’s sign in Minnesota to read message: ‘NOW HIRING N*GGERS AND WHORES’

via NYDN:

An untold number of shocked motorists driving past the restaurant last week witnessed the sign before one cop spotted it and took down the filthy lettering, according to Minneapolis affiliate WCCO-TV.

Colling-Harper might have inadvertently tipped police to being the perpetrator after a criminal complaint revealed he was the first person to post a photo of the altered sign on social media.

During his interview, the complaint asserted he changed the lettering because “he was bored while waiting for a bus and thought it would be funny.”

A representative of the affected Army’s claimed it had to disconnect its phones due to threats and perpetual harassment from the community while others expressed their fury by shouting into the drive-through intercom.

It’s a shame that his boredom is the reason he now faces two misdemeanors — public nuisance and disorderly — plus one felony charge of criminal defamation, which carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and/or a $3,000 fine.

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