Say What Now? Landlord Arrested After Hidden Camera Caught Him Sniffing Tenant’s Underwear

A landlord, Jorge Orellana-Arias, was arrested for burglary on July 23. He is accused of entering his tenant’s unoccupied apartment and trying to sniff her underwear.

via: Complex

NBC Connecticut reports Jorge Orellana-Arias, 38, was charged Thursday with third-degree burglary after entering the tenant’s unoccupied apartment and trying to sniff her underwear. She told police that she caught Orellana-Arias on several occasions entering her apartment when no one was home without permission.

After setting up hidden cameras in an attempt to catch him in the act, the tenant was able to capture Orellana-Arias entering her apartment through a side door, going into the bedrooms, finding female underwear, and bringing them to his nose, apparently in an effort to sniff them.

The woman also told police that on at least one occasion, Orellana-Arias went into her apartment “while her daughter was home alone” and that he “appeared to be startled when he saw the daughter and exited the apartment immediately.”

After officials viewed the video footage, the East Haven Police Department Investigative Services Division further investigated the case and ultimately applied for an arrest warrant.

Orellana-Arias was taken into custody Friday and was charged and released on a $25,000 bond. He’s due back in court Sept. 14.

Someone would be paying for my moving expenses because I wouldn’t be staying there.

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