Say What Now? Instagram Influencer Accused of Carving Out Her Mom's Heart and Lungs in Knife Attack |

Say What Now? Instagram Influencer Accused of Carving Out Her Mom’s Heart and Lungs in Knife Attack

A 21-year-old social media influencer has been accused of murdering her mother in a brutal kitchen attack in which she carved out her organs — while she was alive.

via Complex:

According to local news reports, Anna Leikovic of Moldova was arrested for allegedly stabbing her 40-year-old mom, Praskovya Leikovic, with a knife and then proceeding to carve out her heart, lungs, and intestines while she was still alive. The New York Post reports that shortly after the attack, Leikovic calmly took a shower and then left the house to meet up with her boyfriend.

The influencer, who has nearly 16,000 Instagram followers, was reportedly taken into custody the day after her mother’s death. Video of Leikovic’s first court appearance has surfaced online, showing the young woman lying on a bench and cleaning her nails before the judge enters.

The Sun reports that a journalist at the hearing had directly asked Leikovic if she was guilty of murdering her mother. The woman reportedly laughed and replied, “Goodbye.”

The incident reportedly stemmed from an argument between the two that took place after the mother returned from a work trip in Germany. Praskovya Leikovic is said to have accused her daughter of taking drugs and had arranged for her daughter to enter a rehab facility. Leikovic’s uncle told outlets he couldn’t believe the allegations, suggesting the mother and daughter had a very close and loving relationship.

“Praskovya loved her daughter so much, and she spent as much time with her as she could,” he reportedly said. “It took two hours for the police to tell me Anna is the main suspect. I could not even imagine this.”

Komsomolskaya Pravda reports Leikovic came from a wealthy family in the region. Her father, Vasily Aladov, is said to be a land and poultry farmer owner who made an unsuccessful bid for Gagauzia’s governor in 2019. 

Authorities say they are continuing to investigate the murder, and have no other suspects at this time.

“I can say that she is being interrogated, police officers are carrying out certain investigative measures to obtain and consolidate evidence,” said Gagauzia Lyubov Yanak from the ATU Police Department. “The detainee is the main suspect, the likelihood of other suspects is simply not there.”

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