Say What Now? Florida Student Allegedly Steals $13,500 From Grandmother, Gives Money to Classmates

A 14-year-old middle school girl caused a stir when she handed out more than $10,000 that she is accused of stealing from her grandmother to fellow classmates, officials said.

via: Complex

According to the Miami Herald, the incident took place at Lake Weir Middle School in Summerfield, where police received multiple reports about a student who was handing out hundreds of dollars to her classmates. Deputies say school officials searched the teen’s backpack and discovered about $2,500 in cash.

The student initially told authorities she had received the money from an unidentified former student who “wanted the money disseminated”; but she later admitted to police she had used a screwdriver to break into her grandmother’s safe and steal about $13,500. According to an arrest affidavit, it’s unclear why the teen stole the cash and proceeded to give it away “in increments of $200, $400 and $700.”

Officials say they had recovered about $700 of the money that was handed out, which means there’s around $10,000 that remains missing. Lake Weir Middle School Principal Jason Jacobs addressed the incident in a message to parents, urging them to return any cash their children may have received from the accused teen.

“If you would speak with your children, and if they have received money from the student, please turn it in to our school resource officers,” he said in a voicemail. “There will be no consequences for turning in the money.”

Authorities say the student is now facing a grand theft charge.

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