Say What Now? Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Family After Sending $200K of Their Money to Cam Girl [Video]

29-year-old Grant Amato was arrested in Florida on Monday after he wired $200,000 in stolen funds to a Bulgarian cam girl before killing his mother, father, and brother.

He was taken into police custody four days after he allegedly shot and killed his mother Margaret, 61, his father Chad, 59, and his brother Cody, 31.

via Complex:

According to the Seminole County Sheriff Office, Cody was with his girlfriend on Thursday when he received a call from his father asking him to come to their house. After Cody did not show up to work the next morning, his girlfriend and his coworker reached out to local police to investigate. Upon entering the scene of the crime, authorities found the bodies of Margaret, Chad and Cody who had been killed “execution style.”

Grant was living in his parent’s home north of Orlando after experiencing a rough few months. Amato reportedly lost his job at a hospital after he was caught stealing Propofol. Upon being fired, he moved in with his parents, which is around the time he developed an obsession with a cam girl in Bulgaria. In the three months that preceded the murders, Amato stole $150,000 from his father and an additional $50K from Cody, according to his brother Jason Amato, who was not present at the time of the killings. 

His parents reportedly knew Grant was stealing the money and who it was going to, which prompted them to urge their son to go to rehabilitation for pornography addiction. The confrontation led to a signed contract between Grant and his parents, but the obstacles did not cease once Grant left rehab. According to the arrest affidavit, Cody’s girlfriend claimed he had been so worried about the escalating situation with Grant that he feared his brother “would kill everybody.”

Grant was kicked out of the house on Jan. 24; the next day is when his victims were discovered. 

How unfortunate.

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