Say What Now? Black Woman Allegedly Told By Doctors Her Baby Died During Birth, Discovers Years Later Her Baby May Have Been Given to White Family [Photos]

Damea Morris, a Black woman, believes that the baby she was told died during birth was actually given away and is being raised by white parents who adopted her.

Here’s the story..

Damea unexpectedly gave birth to a baby girl, RaeLa Adams, at home on the toilet about three years ago. Since they lived across from the street from a school, the baby’s father ran to get help and returned with a woman from the school who assisted Damea until paramedics arrived.

The woman told Damea her baby wasn’t breathing — although after they cut the umbilical cord the baby began to cry.

When the paramedics arrived, they transported Damea and the baby to St. Joseph’s hospital where she was later told the baby died.

Being understandably emotional, Damea declined seeing her deceased baby and was given an urn with what was believed to be the baby’s remains.

Later, when she attempted to obtain a death certificate for RaeLa, she discovered some shocking news.

“I ended up finding out I have an adoption open with some lady,” she explained.

Well, she searched the lady’s name on Facebook and stumbled on several photos of who she believes is her baby.

Omg she looks just like my other kids,” she said.

The adoptive mother detailed her story online and shared that she was called the same day Damea gave birth. The adoptive mother was apparently told that the maternity ward at the hospital was closing and she was selected to take the last baby home.

Did we mention that Damea finally had the strength to open the urn the hospital gave her and discovered it was empty? Crazy.

Since the story began to gain some traction, the adoptive family has deleted all of their social media and public accounts of their adoption process.

People have been using the hashtag #BringRaeLaHome to spread the word and also piece together all of the missing information.

It truly is a wild story.

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