Say What Now? Amazon Driver Fired After Allegedly Attempting to Steal Woman's Dog [Video] |

Say What Now? Amazon Driver Fired After Allegedly Attempting to Steal Woman’s Dog [Video]

An Amazon driver attempting to allegedly steal a customer’s dog has been fired.

via People:

Henry County, Georgia, business owner Terrika Currence told WSB-TV that the incident occurred after a box of products was delivered to her home.

“As I open the door to put the package in the house, and the dog food, my daughter screams and says, ‘The Amazon guy stole our puppy,'” she told the outlet in a news story published on Friday. Currence said she immediately confronted the driver and began recording the encounter.

Video obtained by the outlet shows her walking to the delivery truck as a girl’s voice could be heard screaming, “He took our puppy.” After Currence opens the back door, she films the inside of the vehicle and is heard saying, “F—— Amazon done took my f—— dog out my f—— yard,” and repeatedly tells him, “Put the f—— dog back.” The dog was later seen walking out of the vehicle.

As for his reason for attempting to take the dog, Currence told Atlanta News First that he told her “the dog was pretty and that he would love to have a puppy.”

“But I wasn’t thinking he was going to take my puppy. With my daughter, I really have a hard time with her now because now she’s in fear that every time a delivery driver comes, they’re potentially going to take the puppy,” added Currence. Amazon spokesperson Austin Stowe confirmed to PEOPLE that the driver is no longer with the company.

“We’ve apologized to the customer and glad their dog was returned unharmed. The driver involved is no longer delivering for Amazon and we’ve reached out to law enforcement to assist as they investigate.” Currence told WSB-TV that knowing that the driver has been fired is a “relief.”

“It gives me relief that he’s fired but if he’s doing things like that, I’m sure, you know it’s in his character. He’ll do it again,” she told the outlet.

According to The New York Post, the incident is currently being investigated by the Henry County Police Department. PEOPLE has reached out to the department for comment.

Watch the video below:

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