Say What Now? Alabama Man Documents His Quest to Eat Chipotle for 1,000 Days Straight

Dillon Wareham’s favorite dish is currently featured on the restaurant chain’s app.

via: Complex

Wareham managed to eat Chipotle every day for one year straight, and after hitting the landmark the chain of restaurants challenged him to keep it going for 1,000 days. “The biggest challenge was going on a cruise,” said Wareham, per Alabama. “That was a very stressful time for me. … I had to sneak it on. I had to get my bowls, wrap some clothes around them, shove them in the middle of my suitcase, and they made it on, thank God.”

He has been documenting the process on his TikTok and YouTube and is currently on his 478th day of eating Chipotle. Most of his trips have been to two specific branches of the chain, and throughout April there will be a limited-time menu item available through the official app in his honor.

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“I was already eating Chipotle three or four times a week,” he said. “I was sitting in my car one night thinking, ‘I’ve got to start something that I can do daily.’ I was just doing little prank videos, whatever I could think of to just make content. So I was like, ‘I literally eat here three-four times a week. So I just need to step up and I’m going to start eating here every day, and we’ll just see where this goes.’”

Wareham, who is a married father of two, received a gift card from the brand after eating at Chipotle for over a year. As for what he hopes to gain from the experience, he said one day he would love to be considered the Chipotle version of Flo from Progressive. “I would love to be that guy,” he said.

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