Say What Now? Airport Employee Leaps over Counter, Fights Managers and Swings Chair After She's Fired: 'Give Me My Stuff!' [Video] |

Say What Now? Airport Employee Leaps over Counter, Fights Managers and Swings Chair After She’s Fired: ‘Give Me My Stuff!’ [Video]

A coffee shop at the Atlanta Airport turned chaotic after a dramatic fight broke there between a woman and the staff.

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The action was caught on a video that’s been seen more than 24 million times on X, formerly Twitter.

The Atlanta Police Department said the scuffle at the Harvest & Grounds coffee shop Saturday in Concourse D began over espresso shots, according to WXIA.

Police say the woman in the video was a terminated employee who allegedly aggressively attacked two men, who looked to be managers in the viral video.

The APD report said the woman’s alleged dispute inside the coffee shop wasn’t actually with the men seen, but with another female employee, with whom there had been a “heated argument over espresso shots.”

Managers at the store stepped in to “hold back” the employee from attacking her. At one point, the terminated employee grabbed a chair inside the store and appeared to be walking toward one manager. That’s when the other manager grabbed the chair from her.

The woman then allegedly attacked the other manager again.

She allegedly hit both managers at least once during the video. And just when it looked like she was leaving the shop, she turned and ran back toward the counter, stepped on a small counter and leaped across the back counter.

The managers restrained her, and one of them yelled at passersby to call the police. That’s when the woman grabbed her things and ran away from the store.

The APD report said that “All parties were issued a case number and a time frame in which they can obtain a copy of this report; nothing further to report at this time.”

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