Saving Face? Blac Chyna Starts #BlacChynaSharpie Instagram Campaign [Photos]

blac chyna sharpie future fake

What do you do when you get a man’s name (fake?) tattooed on your hand and then that same man turns around and disowns your rumored relationship in front of the entire world?

If you’re Blac Chyna, you start an Instagram to get your followers to write your name on their hands using a black sharpie so you’re not alone in looking foolish.

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#blacchynasharpie ???? A video posted by (@blacchyna) on

We don’t know which is dumber, the hashtag campaign itself or the fact that people are actually doing it!

Also, according to rumors Blac Chyna and Future’s entire relationship was staged to help Future promote his upcoming “Rich $ex” music video — which Chyna stars in.

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But what about that tattoo though? Sources say it’s a fake tatt for the video. Fake tattoo or not, Blac Chyna got played in the media…and for what? Future’s video?

Still foolish.

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