Sales of Alcohol, Takeout, and Weed Soared on Election Night [Photo]

As Americans stressed and watch the election results, they bought more pizza, alcohol, and weed, according to businesses selling these items.

via: Complex

The Los Angeles Times reports that businesses selling food, liquor, and marijuana reported a surge in sales on Tuesday and Wednesday. Boston-based Alcohol delivery service Drizly told the Times that sales rose by 68 percent from the previous four Tuesdays on average, with sales rising by 133 percent in Washington, D.C., 110 percent in New York City, and 35 percent in Los Angeles. In red states in which Drizly operates, sales rose by 33 percent from the last month of Tuesdays, while sales were up 75 percent in blue states.

In the state of California, marijuana delivery service Eaze saw a 17 percent increase in the state and an 18 percent increase in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Most customers were purchasing pre-rolled joints and vape devices, with spokeswoman Elizabeth Ashford noting that it suggests “consumers were looking for products that would provide faster onset effects.”

In a tweet shared on Tuesday night, Google Trends revealed that “food near me” searches were on the rise as the results started to come in. Pizza was the biggest winner, although Americans were also searching for liquor stores and chinese food, too.

And with no real end to the election in sight, Americans may have an excuse to get drunk and stoned for weeks to come.

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