Safaree Samuels Blasts Summer Walker As 'Stupid A**' For Speaking Against COVID-19 Vaccines [Photo]

The divide between the vaccinated and unvaccinated continues to grow. Hundreds of thousands of social media users have taken to social media to share their opinions about the vaccine, including Summer Walker who has long vocalized her stance on COVID.

via: AceShowbiz

On Wednesday, August 11, Summer turned to her alternate Instagram account @galactawhore to tell vaccinated people to “stay away.” Over a plain, dark gray background, the 25-year-old singer stated, “If u vaccinated please stay away from me [smiling emoji][thumbs up emoji].” A few hours after The Neighborhood Talk reposted Summer’s statement, Safaree took to his Instagram Story to share his response toward the “Playing Games” songstress’ remark. “Wit yo stupid a**,” he simply wrote along with the celebrity gossip social media post.

This is not the first time Summer shared her controversial take on the coronavirus vaccines. Back in April, the “CPR” singer controversially shared misinformation, suggesting her fans and followers to “stay the f**k away” from “recently vaccinated person.” On the reason why, she insisted that “people are reporting bleeding, bruising, spontaneous periods and miscarriage from being in a close proximatey [sp] to a recently vaccinated person.”

Following her statement, it seemed like Summer received negative responses on her Instagram DMs as she penned in a separate post, “Damn all these f**ked up dm’s…. lol but I’m ‘dumb.’ ” She went on to double down on her remarks, “Ppl kill with that ‘stop spreading harmful misinformation’ just cause a white man on cnn didn’t say it don’t mean it’s misinformation.”

Upon learning Summer’s posts, some social media users went on to criticize her. ” ‘Close proximity to a vaccinated person’??? Lmaooo. The vaccination is spiritually jumping onto others and affecting them? Ikyfl. Couldn’t make me repeat this s**t,” one person said. Another person commented, “You gotta be slow to believe that standing next to someone that was vaccinated will cause any of these smh y’all so damn gullible.”

“Fake woke summer Walker back at it again , makes music for side chicks and thinks she’s a moral authority on life,” a different critic chimed in. One other admitted, “Her music is good but sis is kinda remedial. what does someone else vaccine status have to do with me. So I’ll bruise because my neighbor got vaccinated? It’s always the ones with no education that preach the most. If u don’t wanna get vaccinated just say that and leave it at that.”

His estranged wife, Erica Mena, has long taken an anti-vaxx stance, so the public thought it was interesting that he came down so heavily on Summer with just a few words.

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