Safaree Admits He Was Trolling On Social Media About Bleaching His Skin [Photo + Video]

Safaree recently raised eyebrows by declaring he was bleaching his skin, but now he explains the truth behind those social media posts.

via: Hot97

The Musician and Reality TV star posted on his IG story addressing his latest troll. “I just want to say that I would never, ever, ever in a million years bleach my skin. I only said that because I’m dropping a skincare line and pretty much, it’s to enhance your already beautiful skin. So, that’s all it’s about. So, to everybody that was hitting me up and people I really know was really asking me about if I’m really gonna bleach my skin.”

Safaree’s new skincare line is called “Paradise” and will be released on his birthday which is July 4th.

Safaree reiterated that he wouldn’t ever do something to alter his skin tone and after the video circulated online, people responded by letting the rapper know that they didn’t believe him in the first place. Check out Safaree’s explanation below.

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