So Sad: 4-Year-Old Texas Boy 'Murdered in Violent Act' Found on the Street [Video]

4-year-old boy was found dead in Dallas, Texas, apparently murdered — and now local police are investigating.

via People:

According to multiple outlets, police arrested a man in connection with the murder of the young boy, who was found dead with multiple wounds on the street near West Wheatland Road and Mountain Creek Parkway, the Dallas Police Department (DPD) said in a news release.

“A child was murdered through a violent act. We believe an edged weapon was used,” said police executive assistant chief Albert Martinez, CNN reported.

“Even us as police officers, we are shocked,” Martinez added. “We’re very angry about what has happened to the small child.”

The boy was pronounced dead at the scene, according to local reports, and the suspect’s identity will not be released until he is booked into the county jail.

The Dallas Police Department did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Antwainese Square, who lives in the neighborhood, told Dallas News that she was jogging around 6:40 a.m. local time when she discovered the boy’s body, which she initially thought was a dog.

“That’s when I noticed the baby had ants at the bottom of his feet so I knew he was deceased then,” Square told the outlet. “It was heart-wrenching because this baby could have been no more than [age] 5.”

Square said she immediately called authorities, who arrived at the scene and pronounced the boy dead, Dallas News reported. Police believe that the victim was from the neighborhood where he was found dead.

According to CNN, the FBI is also assisting with the ongoing investigation into the killing.

“We will pursue justice, whoever did this, and bring some sort of closure — not only to his family, but to our community,” Martinez reportedly said.

Anyone with information about the case may call 911 or the police child abuse unit at 214-275-1300.

So sad.

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