Rumor Has It: Cardi B and Doja Cat Are at Odds Amid a Brewing Feud [Photos + Video]

Does “Moo” singer Doja Cat have beef with Cardi B?

According to internet rumor, Cardi B. is feeling some type of way about Doja Cat’s rise.

“Cardi is a jealous person. Doja has nothing but love in her heart for Cardi,” a source says. “[Cardi] should work through her jealousy and come join this movement.”

If you ask us — this sounds like pure internet speculation or maybe Nicki Minaj’s camp is starting mess and trying pit these ladies against each other.

Then again, Doja did catch some heat last year for mocking Cardi’s hit “Press.”

In an Instagram Live stream, Doja rapped “Press” in an mockingly-low tone then burst out laughing while reciting the chorus.

DJ Akademiks shared the clip and Cardi wasn’t feeling it.

We’ll have to wait and see if either of these ladies decides to speak out on it.


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