Rolling Loud Festival Says It Had Nothing to Do with Offset Crashing Cardi B's Performance

It was the apology seen ’round the world as Offset crashed Cardi B’s Rolling Loud set on Saturday night with many upset fans blaming the festival for allowing it to happen.

After being accused of co-orchestrating the stunt, Rolling Loud says organizers had nothing to do with Offset’s plans.

via Complex:

In a statement to Los Angeles Times, Cherif said that Cardi B’s management was in on Offset’s stunt and denied that Rolling Loud’s organizers had anything to do with it. He also “share[d] the sentiment” of some fans’ belief that Offset’s appearance distracted from what should’ve been Cardi’s moment.

“We sent her a [direct message] on Instagram saying we loved her, and that if she didn’t know, that we’re sorry it happened,” he said. “It was a stellar performance and we want to align ourselves with her for years to come.”

Cherif issued another statement regarding the deleted tweets critics cited as evidence Rolling Loud took part in Offset’s stunt. The comments state that the “special guests” tweet was deleted after one of the guests Rolling Loud was tipped off about didn’t show up. Removing tweets with “bad intel” is standard practice for the festival, according to Cherif.

Read the full statement below:

We were tipped off that Cardi was going to have multiple surprise guests, corroborated by what she said in her IG Live. One of specific guests we were told about didn’t end up showing up so we deleted the tweet, which is standard for us when things change as the night goes on. For example, there’s an earlier tweet about a special surprise guest for Tyga’s set that we also deleted upon learning that it wasn’t happening. Deleting old tweets with bad intel isn’t usually alarming but once we realized that we were getting dragged for the surprise interruption, we panicked and deleted the tweet bc we knew it was going to make things look worse. In hindsight, deleting those tweets actually made us look worse. We recognize that it was a poor decision.

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