Robyn Dixon Slams Karen Huger for ‘Dangerous’ Claims About Husband Juan

Robyn Dixon wants Karen Huger to keep husband Juan Dixon’s name out of her mouth after watching the last episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac.’

via Page Six:

“When I watched the episode, I was like, ‘You know what? This is actually borderline dangerous,’” Robyn, 43, says on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast.

“Because I felt like she was actually implying something that didn’t happen [and] we shouldn’t put [that] out there.”

Huger, 59, notably accused Juan, 44, of making her feel “uncomfortable” during an alleged interaction that took place at 2019’s “RHOP” Season 4 reunion. 

“Juan proceeds to take me in his arms [and] squeeze me so tight my breasts went back to my vertebrae,” the Grande Dame alleged to the cast over dinner during a trip to Mexico. 

“She sounded like she’s been sheltered all her life and has never had a friendly interaction with a man,” Robyn quips while recalling Huger’s claims. “I just brushed that off [at the time].”

Now that she’s had time to reflect, the “Reasonably Shady” podcast co-host asserts that Huger had no business attacking her spouse’s integrity. 

“It’s not right that you can just go and throw out an accusation like that and not be careful with what you’re saying,” she says. 

“You’re going to tell me you’re going to wait over years to bring it up as it was such a big deal?” Robyn continues. “No, if it was such a big deal, tell me then and I’ll tell him, ‘Listen, the woman is fragile. She cannot handle your firm hugs.’” 

But it was more than a hard hug Huger accused Juan of during the girls’ getaway. She also spread unsubstantiated gossip that he had a secret girlfriend — who resembled Huger — and claimed that the former NBA player once propositioned her for a threesome with Robyn. 

These particular allegations, laughed at by the majority of the “RHOP” ladies, are also somewhat amusing to Robyn. (Both she and Juan vehemently denied them on the show.)

“At this point, I just think that she might be a little obsessed with Juan or something — I don’t know!” says. “It’s just … it’s really weird to me, you know? Especially coming from someone of her maturity.”

The Embellished by Robyn Dixon founder adds, “For it to come from her, where it’s just, like, she’s so pressed about what we’re doing, this is very strange.”

Huger — who has been married to her husband, Ray Huger, since 1996 — even accused the Dixons of planning a “fake” second wedding. 

Page Six confirmed on Monday that the couple tied the knot again, years after calling it quits on their marriage. Footage from their surprise ceremony will air during the show’s upcoming Season 7 finale, an insider told us. 

We hope Robyn and Karen addressed all that and more at the reunion last week.

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