Rob Kardashian Deletes All of His Tweets After KimYe Wedding Fall Out + Reconnects with Lamar Odom?


Could Rob Kardashian be trying to start anew? 

After publicly commenting on his weight gain and ditching his sister’s wedding after a rumored argument, Rob Kardashian decided to delete all of his tweets.

He also changed his avatar. 

Rob then began tweeting out positive messages to members of the service for Memorial Day. 

“happy memorial day,” he began. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Psalm 33:12. Lord Jesus, protect those who protect me- police, firefighters, and those in the military. Teach me to pray for them and to honor them for their service. Amen.”

He concluded with, “GOD BLESS AMERICA.” 


What’s even more strange, is that according to sources Rob has reached out to Khloe’s ex, Lamar Odom.

‘Rob really misses Lamar, he was like a big brother to him,’ we’re told.

‘Lamar really helped Rob with his problems when it came to wanting to lose weight, and they’ve never lost touch.’

However, what may be more shocking to his selfie-loving siblings, is that he is scaling back on social media.

Everyone’s in need of a support system, but we’re not entirely sure Lamar Odom is his best option — but then again, you never really know. They’ve always been pretty close…even through all of Lamar’s struggles.

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