Rob Kardashian Compares Kim Kardashian to the Psychotic 'B*tch from 'Gone Girl'', Unfollows Entire Family on Instagram [Photo]

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Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to blast his sister Kim Kardashian.

*Warning: If you haven’t seen ‘Gone Girl,’ spoiler ahead.*

He posted a photo of Amy Dunne (above), the psychotic murderer from ‘Gone Girl’ and told everyone that’s his sister Kim.

Rob captioned the photo: ‘This is my sister kim , the bitch from Gone Girl,,,’ 

In most circumstances, we would think Rob was simply making a joke (especially because they’re both blonde now) — however, combine that with the fact that he unfollowed his entire family on Instagram… there’s a good chance he isn’t joking.

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Yikes. We wonder what prompted this… maybe it has something to do with Khloe’s comments.

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