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Rihanna and Ciara are at it again…


Rihanna and Ciara are no strangers to internet beef.

It all started a few years ago when the two got into a nasty Twitter spat over comments Ciara made on The Fashion Police. Read all about that here.

Then just a few months ago, Rihanna took a jab at Ciara’s new single, “Body Party“. Check that out here.

The next week, Ciara addressed Rihanna’s diss on the radio. Listen to what she said here.

Now, just when we thought it was all settled, Ciara was asked about her relationship with Rihanna on Philly’s 107.9 radio station. When Ciara was questioned about speaking to Rihanna if she were to walk into the same room as her peer, the 27-year-old responded by saying, “I don’t know.”

A fan made a cute little picture of Ciara’s response an put it on Instagram. It caught Rihanna’s attention and she made some semi-shady comments.


The drama continues….

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