'RHOA' Husbands Apollo, Peter & Gregg Reveal They Do Not Get Paid for the Show [Video]

The husbands of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta appeared on Bethenny to talk about their experience on the show. Topics covered included their paychecks, going to strip clubs, and infidelity.

When asked how much the husbands got paid, Apollo, Peter and Gregg revealed that they get paid absolutely nothing and that RHOA is more of a part-time hustle where they get paid in perks and in benefits.

…we’re just going to assume the episode was taped before Apollo’s recent arrest — because if Apollo isn’t getting paid from Bravo, then that would mean that aside from his job of “asset recovery,” Phaedra is the one footing the bills for their lavish parties and extravagant lifestyle. Bravo checks aren’t THAT lucrative…so something definitely seems amiss.

Moving on, the conversation then turned to strip clubs and NeNe’s husband Gregg candidly spoke about finding the love of his life there:

I picked mine up, I tell it like it is baby….She used to work there and when I went there and saw her….I knew she used to do that but I didn’t realize that’s where you met her…That’s not where I met her. She invited me to her job and I graciously accepted.

Apollo’s wife Phaedra added her two cents:

Well anyone who knows me I represent some of the hottest adult entertainers in Atlanta and have been for almost twenty years now so I have no problems with it. I actually frequent them myself to visit my clients as well. Atlanta is really a strip club city. It’s not considered sleazy in Atlanta to go to a strip club because it’s probably 50/50 men and women there at all times as patrons, not as dancers.

Alrighty then.  Get into the clips below!

[via The YBF]

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