Report: Cher's 'Demanding' Sexual Appetite at 77 is Too Much for Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards, 37: 'She's Wearing Him Out' |

Report: Cher’s ‘Demanding’ Sexual Appetite at 77 is Too Much for Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, 37: ‘She’s Wearing Him Out’

Cher, 77, and A.E. Edwards, 37, were first linked in November 2022, and according to the singer, they are still going strong.

via: Radar Online

Cher has bragged about having the best sex of her life with boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards, but insiders dished that the insatiable cougar is wearing out the young producer and impeding the couple’s recording collaboration, has learned.

Sources said Edwards is “frustrated” about how to handle the Believe singer’s sexual appetite.

“AE is frustrated and doesn’t know what to do,” a tipster told the National Enquirer. “Every time he wants to get something done in the studio, she’s craving — and demanding — more.”

“It’s gotten to be a lot for him and, frankly, a burden for the relationship,” the insider added.

The If I Could Turn Back Time singer and Edwards were first linked back in November 2022. However, spies snitched that the fling cooled in the spring before their May-to-December romance reignited in the fall.

“Cher had become convinced AE was just using her for her status and her millions,” the source tattled. “But she’s decided to follow her heart and give it a second chance. Since then, they’ve been inseparable.”

A second confidant spilled that the pair’s renewed passion has been “torrid” while adding, “She’s wearing him out — and that’s saying something considering their age difference!”

Tipsters additionally noted that Cher crowing about her beau’s bedroom skills was noteworthy considering she’s dated a slew of legendary heartthrobs, including Warren Beaty, Sonny Bono, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Gene Simmons.

“Cher says AE’s return has shaved 40 years off her age,” a source said of the singer. “She’s telling people her health is better than it’s been in years — and that’s translating into her high libido.”

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t drive AE away in the end,” the insider added.

While Cher was busy in the bedroom with Edwards, her troubled son, Elijah Blue Allman, allegedly struggled to cope with the pairing.

The After All singer recently made headlines when court documents, filed by Elijah’s estranged wife, accused Cher of sending four men to “kidnap” her son from a hotel room in New York City to take him to rehab.

Amid news of Elijah’s ongoing substance abuse battle, it was reported that Cher and Edward’s romance contributed to his recent downward spiral.

“Once Cher started dating AE, she had far less time for anyone else in her life,” a source said. “Elijah suffered perhaps the most as he’s extremely codependent on his mom and found it very hard when she stopped taking calls and went from talking every day without fail to once or twice a week at best.”

The insider noted that when the smitten songbird initially heeded Edwards’ advice to let Elijah “stand on his own two feet and stop mooching off her.”

That quickly changed, though, when Cher staged the dramatic intervention after Chateau Marmont hotel staff alerted her to Elijah being found passed out outside of the entrance. Cher denied the kidnapping allegations and told People, “That rumor is not true.”

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