Remy Ma Claps Back with Text Messages and More After Azealia Banks Tries to Call Her a 'Confused Nicki Minaj Stan'

Azealia Banks decided to go off on Remy Ma over something Remy said about the state of female rap is concerned — but Remy wasn’t having it.

Azealia took to Instagram to post a screenshot of a quote from Remy’s interview with Ebro in the Morning with a scathing caption about how Remy is no longer relevant.

At one point, Azealia accused Remy of having an ‘obsession’ with Nicki Minaj.

You already know by now that Remy does NOT play.

She responded by sharing several screenshots of text messages from Azealia from the past year in which Azealia talks about not being able to book shows, selling clothes to pay rent, being depressed, and wanting to get her vagina redone.

Remy ALSO shared texts and voice notes of Azealia talking mad shit about Nicki Minaj while saying how much of a fan she is.

After Remy responded, Azealia went back and changed the caption on her initial Instagram photo to the current one.

Remy, however, still wasn’t finished.

#Remyma snapped she definitely not here for it #sisterssippingthetea #azeliabanks

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Is there a woman in the rap world that Azealia Banks has NOT tried to start mess with?

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