[Update: Kevin Has Been Charged with Simple Battery] Rapper Kevin Gates Under Investigation for Kicking Female Fan During Florida Performance, Could Face Charges


After kicking a female fan in the midsection during a nightclub performance in Lakeland, Florida, last Friday, rapper Kevin Gates is thankfully being investigated for the incident, and officials are working with the State Attorney’s Office to determine if criminal charges should be filed.

In case you missed it, Kevin was in the middle of a performance when a woman playfully tugged on his shorts, resulting in the rapper viciously kicking the woman in what appears to be her chest.

You can watch the repulsive attack below.

In our opinion, criminal charges are a no-brainer; after all, video footage shows Kevin’s gross overreaction.

Update: Kevin has been charged with simple battery, and his victim has been named as 18-year-old Miranda Dixon. According to the official press release, Miranda was kicked so hard that she briefly lost consciousness.

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