Rapper Future Loses Child Support Battle With Ex Brittni Over Their 10-year-old Son After Musician's Monthly Income Was Exposed

Brittni Mealy took her ex, Future back to court over child support.

via: Radar Online

Mealy has been successful in her fight to increase the amount the rapper paid her in child support per month, RadarOnline.com has learned.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, the Mask Off musician will now pay Mealy $5k per month for their 10-year-old son Prince.

The decision was based on Future’s gross monthly income of more than $30,000 while Mealy pulled in around $14k per month.

The judge said the increase was necessary based on a “substantial change in the income and financial status of the Father.”

As we first reported, in 2021, Mealy sued Future claiming she needed additional support because of a change in the needs for their son.

In addition, she argued that Future’s income had increased since the original child support order was entered in 2014. For years, Future had been paying $3k per month for Prince.

In her filing, Mealy accused Future of failing to “exercise his scheduled parenting time” and argued he should bear “the burden of additional expenses for” their child.

Her suit claimed Future had failed to follow the initial agreement by not maintaining dental insurance for Prince.

Other issues she had included Future allegedly costing her unexpected daycare costs because he often doesn’t show up during his custody time.

Mealy asked the court to find the rapper in contempt and sanction him for his behavior.

As we reported, Future opposed the request in court. He argued the $3k per month child support was sufficient to cover Prince’s needs.

The musician said he had, “consistently and timely paid his child support obligation.”

He admitted his schedule was erratic but said Mealy was aware of his profession.

“[Future] is currently employed in the entertainment industry and same employ requires that he engage in substantial travel and this his hours of employ vary based upon his employment requirements,” his response read.

Future said that it was true he did not obtain dental insurance for Prince but claimed to be in the process of handling the matter.

The musician asked the court to dismiss the entire suit.

Future and his ex have a rocky past with her previously accusing him of creating drama at Prince’s 8th birthday party.

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