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Randy Jackson to Help Launch Music Career for Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina?


According to reports, Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is preparing to launch her singing career.

Following the untimely passing of Whitney Houston two years ago, sources say Randy has kept in touch with Bobbi Kristina.

“Now Randy has decided he wants to make a full court press to help Bobbi Kristina become a star, the source alleges”

Bobbi Kristina could have a song hitting airwaves within the year. The source added:

“Randy wants to move quickly and is presenting a plan for the potential star that gets her on the pop charts in under 12 months.”

“For her part, Bobbi Kristina is being extremely careful about her first steps into the pop singing world.”

Despite her controversial marriage to Nick Gordon earlier this year,  Bobbi’s ready to turn her life around. She “wants to be a singing star just like her mom, but she wants to be really careful about how she does it. Bobbi Kristina understands how important first impressions are when you release music.”

According to the source, Bobbi Kristina is interested in also writing her own music as well as singing, but “hasn’t had a lot of formal training in that department, despite her parents having had writing credits on many major hits.”

It’ll be interesting to see how she does in the pop world. If you need any refreshers on Bobbi’s voice, check out the clips below.

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