Rachel Uchitel Claims Tiger Woods’ Lawyers are After Her for Violating $8M NDA

Tiger Woods’ former mistress Rachel Uchitel claims the golf star’s lawyers want to go after her for violating an $8 million non-disclosure agreement by speaking out about their affair.

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The 46-year-old shared her story when sitting down with The New York Times. She first divulged that she signed the 30-page long nondisclosure agreement in 2009, days after her affair with Tiger started to be uncovered.

By signing the NDA, it means Rachel was prohibited from discussing “directly or indirectly, verbally or otherwise” Tiger’s “lifestyle, proclivities, customs, private conduct, fitness, habits, sexual matters, familial matters,” among other topics, with anyone. They included “but not limited to, family members, relatives, acquaintances, friends, associates, co-workers, journalists.”

The former nightclub manager, who was represented by lawyer Gloria Allred, got $5 million and the promise of $1 million annually for three years to follow in exchange for her silence. “His lawyers are saying, ‘We want all your text messages and here’s the price,’ ” she recalled. “And you’re like ‘screw you’ and you move into deal-maker mode and all of a sudden, it’s the rest of your life.”

However, Rachel decided to break her silence in 2019 as she talked about her affair with the athlete for the HBO documentary “Tiger”, which was released earlier this year. On the reason behind her decision, she told the Times, “I wanted for once to be the one to narrate my story.”

Rachel alleged that she didn’t not end up getting $8 million. She only received $2 million of the original $5 million after taxes and lawyer’s fees. Tiger’s team also reportedly didn’t follow through the first additional $1 million payment.

After appearing on “Tiger” and spending the approximately $2 million she said she netted from the agreement, Rachel successfully filed for bankruptcy. Now, one of Tiger’s attorneys, Michael Holtz, is challenging her protection from creditors so that he can bring a multi-million-dollar claim against her for violating the NDA.

Rachel, who dated Tiger while he’s still married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren, admitted that the lawsuit would make her life more difficult. She claimed she’s already broke and unemployable following the affair.

The single mother also revealed that she can only find work related to her tarnished reputation, including being a spokesperson for Seeking Arrangement. However, it did not go well since she is suing the online “sugar dating” service for nonpayment of $60,000 and damages.

NDA’s a thing for a reason.

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