Rachel Dolezal Is Releasing a Book Called 'In Full Color' About Her Trans-Racial Life


Rachel Dolezal has written a book on her trans-racial experience.

Get this — it’s called ‘In Full Color: Finding My Place In A Black and White World’

It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon, with a description that reads:

With In Full Color, Rachael Dolezal describes the path that led her from being a child of white evangelical parents to an NAACP chapter president and respected educator and activist who identified as black. Along the way, she’ll discuss the deep emotional bond she formed with her four adopted black siblings, the sense of belonging she felt while living in black communities in Jackson, Mississippi and Washington, D.C., and the discrimination she’s suffered while living as a black woman.

Her story is nuanced and complex, and in the process of telling it, she forces us to consider race in an entirely new light—not as a biological imperative, but as a function of the experiences we have, the culture we embrace, and, ultimately, the identity we choose.

Girl, bye.

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