R. Kelly's 14-Year-Old Child Comes Out as Transgender [Photos]


R. Kelly‘s 14-year-old Jaya Kelly has revealed that he is transgender.

The teen, who goes by the name Jay Kelly, made the announcement via Facebook and describes himself as a ‘transguy’. He is has the full support of his mother Andrea Kelly.


He explains that he has identified himself as male since he was 5 or 6 years old and wears a binder around this torso. He also says he plans on making a full transition one day and will start taking testosterone.

He writes:

“[My mom] was like, ‘Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, [lesbian], you name it and I would still love you so much.’ She was very proud of me, I was like, ‘Thank you mum for accepting the fact that I’m a transgender.’ And same with my sister, she told me that she was proud of me, and respects me by calling me handsome and calling me her little brother now, and I love her for that, so you know it was great for me… I believe I am a boy and want surgery, and the medication to help me who I was supposed to be.”

R. Kelly has yet to publicly comment on his son’s revelation, but we’re hoping he’s just as supportive as Jay’s mother.

[via PH]

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