Quad Webb-Lunceford Talks 'Married to Medicine' Drama, Apologizing to Mariah Huq, New Projects & More [Listen]


On this week’s episode of ‘The B. Scott Show’ Quad Webb-Lunceford stopped by the studio to dish on everything that’s been happening on her hit Bravo show, Married to Medicine.

Check out a few highlights from her interview:

On trying to stay out of the drama:

I didn’t say that I was all innocent, what I am saying is that I did not deliberately go after someone until they went after me — and that’s the difference. I never start anything, but I will finish it.

On apologizing to Mariah Huq:

You’re gonna see that coming up, you’re gonna see that Sunday.

I feel that her and I were very good friends for many years. Like, we were like sisters. You know, I think at some point we both were hurt. She apologized to me last season and I felt it was only right for me to apologize to her as well.

On whether or not she and Mariah will be friends in the future:

You know, for me, as long as she’s healthy and she’s happy and her family is healthy and happy — that’s all that I can ask for.

I would never want anything to happen to her. I would literally be devastated if it did. It wouldn’t sit well with me. I would always want her to be happy, successful, and healthy.

On that lunch throw-down between Lisa Nicole aka ‘She Who Will Not Be Named’:

I questioned a woman that I had found who was [involved in] a child support hearing of some sort. So, I questioned the woman and the woman’s child. For whatever reason that ignited [she who shall not be named] and she thought that she should, you know, throw water on me. I was shocked for a minute — like, Is this the ALS challenge? I did that last Summer! AND i gave the kids a coin!

After I went to the urgent care immediately and then I saw the dermatologist and you know, i went to make sure there was no glass embedded in my face and that I won’t keloid or have anything protruding out of my face. I was cleared for all of that — and that’s why you see this beautiful skin again!

On whether or not she’s pressing charges against Lisa:

Yes, god! Why would I not? It was disrespectful enough for her to throw the water that was threatening, but this type of behavior should not be accepted. This is not the gold standard. We’re not gonna, just because someone says something [and] you don’t like what they’re saying, it’s not okay to strike them. I’m not going to set the tone to make anyone feel that it’s okay.

Check out the interview in its entirety below to hear more about Quad’s upcoming projects, her super cute Picture Perfect Pup line, and more!

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