Porsha Williams’ Estranged Husband Simon's Company Ordered to Pay 6-Figure Judgment Over Alleged Unpaid Bill on Private Jet Deal, Businessman Confident Matter Will Be 'Resolved' | lovebscott.com

Porsha Williams’ Estranged Husband Simon’s Company Ordered to Pay 6-Figure Judgment Over Alleged Unpaid Bill on Private Jet Deal, Businessman Confident Matter Will Be ‘Resolved’

There’s a lot going on for Simon Guobadia.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams’ estranged husband Simon Guobadia’s company Simcol was hit with a default judgment after it failed to respond to a lawsuit over a private jet bill — but the businessman told us he plans to handle the matter.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, an Ohio judge ordered Simons’ Simcol Petroleum Limited Company to pay $887k.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, NetJets Aviation, Inc. sued Simon’s business, Simcol Petroleum Limited Company in Ohio court in January. NetJets operates a “fractional aircraft program.”

It “engages in the business of selling and leasing fractional interests in private jets in the NetJets Fractional Program.” The program allows a jet to be co-owned by multiple people or companies sharing it.

NetJets claimed Simon’s company entered into a deal in August 2020. Simcol agreed to lease a 12.5% interest in a Cessna Citation aircraft, per the lawsuit. The interest was later increased to 15.62%

In the lawsuit, NetJets claimed Simcol breached the deal.

“Defendants breached the terms of the Program Agreement by failing to timely pay to Plaintiffs all amounts due under the Program Agreement, and Plaintiffs terminated the Program Agreement under its terms on or about February 28, 2023,” the suit read.

NetJets’ complaint said, “At the time of the termination of the Program Agreement, Defendant owed to Plaintiffs the amount of $974,213.11 under the terms of the Program Agreement.”

NetJets said Simcol reached a deal in August 2023 to settle the matter. Simon’s company was to pay $839k via monthly installments.

The lawsuit said Simcol made the first $25k installment payment but failed to pay the second one due in October 2023 or any additional payments.

NetJets demanded Simcol pay the $814k remaining owed plus interest.

Last month, NetJets demanded a default judgment against Simcol. The company said it served Simon’s company in February, but it had failed to respond to the lawsuit.

This week, the court granted the motion and entered a default judgment of $887k against Simcol.

Simon told RadarOnline.com, “Net Jet sued for unused “Managements & Monthly Fee” for the remaining years of a 5-year contract. These Fees are NOT related to ACTUAL travel, but rather what they deem they were entitled to under the terms of the 5-year contract.”

He added, “I initially requested that the contract be amended to reflect what my ACTUAL needs were. My travel needs had changed significantly from domestically to mostly international. They were amenable to changes or terminate, and then sued. I’m confident we will ultimately settle in the cause of doing business.”

Simon added, “It is not uncommon to have business disputes and I’m very comfortable in having them resolved in due time.”

The judgment comes as Simon continues to fight Porsha in divorce court. As we first reported, the Bravo star claimed she pulled the plug on her marriage after reading reports about her husband’s alleged immigration issues.

Her lawyer wrote, “Wife shows that the news reports of Husband’s alleged immigration fraud, and what appeared to be an imminent threat of deportation, were shocking and affected Wife’s mental and emotional wellbeing. None of this information was ever disclosed by Husband to Wife, despite Wife having previously inquired about Husband’s immigration status and criminal history.”

In court documents, her lawyer added, “Since learning of Husband’s checkered immigration history and status, Wife began to question everything that she initially believed to be true as it relates to her Husband’s character, immigration, business dealings, etc, and began to uncover additional information that Husband failed to disclose to Wife. Petitioner did not wish to remain married to a stranger, and filed for divorce.”

Porsha accused Simon of refusing to leave their home despite their prenup stating she would have exclusive use of the home in the event of a divorce.

For his part, Simon slammed Porsha after she allegedly brought an armed guard to their home with his children around and suggested she should move into a house she owns nearby.

Recently, Simon demanded RHOA producers turn over any communications exchanged with Porsha about the divorce and any footage shot at his home.

via: Radar Online

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