Porsha Williams Defends Sister and Mom from 'Side Chick' Allegations: 'We Are Family' [Video]

On last Sunday’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ Porsha sat down with her mom Dianne and sister Lauren to talk about their relationships with Porsha’s late father, Hosea Williams II.

Porsha and Lauren discussed how having two different moms and the same dad affected their upbringing, as well as their individual relationships with their dad.

Porsha’s mom, Diane, opened up about her relationship with Lauren’s mother.

It was a genuine conversation, but you know how the internet works — people always have something to say.

According to Porsha, trolls have been attacking her mom and sister calling Lauren her ‘half-sister’ and mom Diane a ‘side chick.’

Porsha Luther King isn’t having it. She took to Instagram to address the trolls directly.

“Don’t go to my sister’s page, don’t go to my mom’s page, definitely don’t bring yo a** to my page,” said Porsha. “Don’t come over here talking about my family! I think I have an idea who is behind these fake pages talking about my family, trying to make my mom feel bad saying that my mom was trying to make my stepmom look like a side chick.

“No way in the world! My mother and my stepmom have the most beautiful relationship, most mature loving relationship,” she added. “We spend holidays together, I’ve seen them have nothing but a respectful genuine relationship. My mom when she was talking on the show even said that she was happy when my stepmom got married to my dad, mind you, my stepmom married my dad a while after my mother and my father were divorced so there’s no overlapping whatsoever, there’s no side chick, there’s no shade.

Don’t do it because the devil ain’t gonna work with this one, we are family!”

“In our family you better not say half nothing because you get smacked in the mouth you get a spanking,” said Porsha. “We are sisters through and through, through blood and my mother and my stepmother are basically like sisters. One is the big sister, my mom who’s older, and then Lauren’s mom.”

You can see her full address below.

In related news — we’re loving Porsha with this short hair!

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