How You Pootin'? Wendy Williams Appears to Burp and Fart Simultaneously While Live On-Air [Video]

Wendy Williams gave her audience a 2-for-1 on Tuesday when she apparently burped AND farted at the same time.

The gassy gaffe happened while she was talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

As she was going on about the idea of Kim having “new boyfriends,” she had a bit of a … moment.

It’s not the first time she’s been accused of a gas leak.

In 2020 the camera (or mic, we suppose) caught what sounded like Wendy letting one rip — but she denied it.

“I barely fart,” she said at the time. “You know why? Because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching, because all I do is talk.”

We guess the gas was in a hurry this time.

Watch the moment below.

Listen — everyone does it, right? Hopefully Wendy can chuckle at this moment alongside the rest of us.

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