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Polo G Admits to Drug Usage Following Arrest: ‘I Need Better Vices’

Polo G has admitted that his abuse of drugs and alcohol is a mechanism to help him cope with pain and emotional distress.

via: Complex

On Wednesday, the Chicago rapper admitted to using drugs and alcohol to “cope w pain,” which struck concern among his fans.

“Mf I stopped and started again,” he later responded to one X user who asked about him previously refraining from drug use.

When another individual responded with lyrics from Polo’s 2020 song “21” regarding Juice WRLD and percocet, the rapper insisted that he’s never “popped a perc out of respect fa my brother but it’s a lot of other drugs out hea gang.” For background, WRLD died in Dec. 2019 after a seizure brought on by an accidental overdose of codeine and oxycodone.

In 2021, Polo expressed what led him to stop taking drugs, albeit temporarily. Along with “outgrowing” illegal substances, he came into “understanding that that’s not really necessary in order for me to just have a good time, or to feel good about myself, or to escape reality.” He added, “It’s figuring out your own tendencies, how to go about situations differently, and [finding] better coping mechanisms, because that’s all that drugs essentially are for a lot of people.”

Two years before, the rapper had a near-death experience with drugs that landed him in the hospital, which he shared in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“I had a real bad X addiction fa like 3yrs I used to think I had to b high to feel alive it took a moment where I almost lost my life to dat shit ta finally let it go & pay close attention to my Health,” he wrote, per REVOLT.

Polo G’s admission comes one week after the Hall of Fame artist was arrested, and later released on bail in Manhattan on weapons possession charges after a firearm was discovered in his hotel room. The rapper was previously arrested on two other occasions within a 24 hour period, leading to a delay in the release of his long-awaited fourth album, Hood Poet.

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