Phaedra Parks Gave Her Son $150K for 13th Birthday to Buy His Own Property: 'He's Trying to Figure Out If He Wants a Duplex'

Phaedra Parks says she her oldest son, Ayden, $150,000 for his 13th birthday so he can invest in real estate.

via Page Six:

“[Ayden] said for his birthday he either wanted a dirt bike or a way to make money. And so I said, ‘Well definitely not gonna give you a dirt bike to kill yourself,” Parks, 49, told People in an interview published Friday.

Instead, she told him she’d gift him $150,000 for him to “buy a piece of property.”

“And so now he’s basically trying to figure out if he wants to do a little multi-unit duplex, you know, [start] his own little rental properties,” she said.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum explained that she wants to provide her children with the means to build wealth and be successful in the future.

“I don’t come from a bad family. I come from a middle-class family of educators. However, they didn’t have the type of income that I have,” she admitted. “So while they probably would have wanted to able to do that, they didn’t have the means to give a kid $150,000 to buy something.”

The Bravolebrity noted that times were different back in the day, “especially for people of color.”

Parks claimed that Ayden is already diversifying his financial portfolio so he can become a millionaire in the near future.

“Ayden is big into cryptocurrency and big into researching how to become a millionaire before he is 25,” she said. “And so he’s been talking about getting investment properties.”

Parks — who shares Ayden and Dylan, 10, with ex-husband Apollo Nida — said that both of her children are fascinated with building financial success.

“Both my sons love anything about making money in cryptocurrency,” she added, claiming that their early awareness of investing can lead to her kids being “financially stable” adults.

And money will come in handy for her sons considering the reality star admitted they can be “a bit bougie” and are already well-traveled young gentlemen.

“They’ve had their passport since birth. They’ve been to Paris, they’ve been to London, they’ve been to Cuba,” she said of her sons. “Dylan loves all Asian countries. That’s his big thing. My eldest son Ayden loves Paris because he thinks he can speak French well.”

But Parks made sure to add that her sons have “great manners.”

“I’m very proud to call them mine,” she said, explaining the three rules her children live by: “Be respectful of adults, clean up behind yourself — and be grateful.”

She and Nida, 44, were married from 2009 to 2017 and co-parent their sons. Nida married Sherien Almufti in January, getting engaged when he was serving a prison sentence for conspiracy to commit mail, wire and bank fraud.

Are we to believe a 13-year-old wants to be a landlord for his birthday? Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with setting your children up for success.

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